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Advanstar to Launch Styling & Performance Magazine, Web Portal ... Flying Car Company Takes Off ... Cummins Approves B20 ... and other headlines from around the industry.
APRIL 12, 2007
Advanstar to Launch Styling & Performance Magazine, Web Portal SANTA ANA, CA (March 13, 2007) - Motor Age parent company Advanstar Communications has announced the launch of a new publication and Web portal designed to unite the traditional automotive aftermarket, specialty parts distribution and new car dealership channels. The initiatives are designed to bring a number of unique online solutions to shops and dealers in the aftermarket, off-road and powersports industries. According to Jim Savas, vice president for Advanstar's Automotive Aftermarket Group, Styling & Performance magazine is a monthly business-to-business publication that will launch in July 2007. "Our editorial focus is designed to help expand the reach of the specialty parts market," says Savas. "We plan to do this by providing incisive business content from industry experts. The publication will also showcase sales and marketing strategies that work and share real-time exclusive information on how parts move through the distribution channel. We want the industry to see our publication as the place to go to identify and react to trends long before others have even identified them." Styling & Performance has an initial targeted controlled circulation that includes traditional marketplace wholesale distributors (WDs), jobbers and independent service providers; specialty parts jobbers and WDs; and auto dealers.  Savas says an integral part of Styling & Performance will be the launch of The new Web site is designed to bring together readers of Styling & Performance with those from the Advanstar Automotive Aftermarket Group's current portfolio of magazines, including Motor Age, Aftermarket Business, ABRN and Hot Auto Products. (Source: Advanstar Communications)Flying Car Company Takes Off  VUGHT, THE NETHERLANDS (April 16, 2007) - After many years pioneering with parties such as the Dutch Aerospace Laboratory (NLR), PAL-V Europe intends to revolutionize door-to-door mobility with the creation of a vehicle that one can not only drive, but also fly.
The PAL-V Flying Car
(Photo: PAL-V)PAL-V Founder John Bakker spent six years developing the vehicle concept, the Personal Air and Land Vehicle (PAL-V). The company says its product can offer a safe and fast transportation solution, especially in countries with underdeveloped infrastructure. The company says it is receiving interest from organizations and individuals looking at applications such as surveillance, mobility for aid organizations and private use. Bakker says the PAL-V is a solution to increasing congestion in cities, highways and skyways. On the ground, the slim, aerodynamic three-wheel vehicle is designed to be as comfortable as a luxury car, yet as agile as a motorbike, thanks to its patented "tilting" system. The rotor and propeller are folded away until vehicle is ready to fly.  Airborne, it flies under the 4,000 feet floor of commercial air space. The PAL-V is highly fuel-efficient, powered by an environmentally certified car engine that is capable of running on gasoline, biodiesel or ethanol, and it can reach speeds up to 125 mph, both on land and in the air. (Source: PAL-V)Honda Breaks Ground for New Plant  GREENSBURG, IN (March 19, 2007) - Honda officially broke ground for its $550 million automobile plant located 50 miles southeast of Indianapolis, which will be known as Honda Manufacturing of Indiana LLC (HMIN). The new plant's 2,000 associates will produce 200,000 Honda Civic sedans annually when production begins in fall 2008. HMIN will be Honda's seventh auto plant in North America and one of 17 major Honda manufacturing facilities in North America. It will help boost Honda's total North American automobile production capacity from 1.4 million units to more than 1.6 million units in 2008, employment in North America to more than 37,000 associates and capital investment in North America to more than $9 billion.(Source: American Honda Motor Co.) 20070412_NB4_Fig1_ 20070412_NB4_Fig2_ZAP Unveils Electric SUV Concept
ZAP-X Features
(Photo: ZAP) SANTA ROSA, CA (April 12, 2007) - Electric car pioneer ZAP has released concept drawings of the ZAP-X Crossover SUV on its Web site at
ZAP-X Crossover SUV
(Photo: ZAP) The compact-SUV design will feature all-wheel-drive with in-hub electric motors capable to deliver 644 horsepower and a top speed of 155 mph. By combining a lightweight aluminum chassis, a new efficient drive system and advanced battery management system, the goal for the ZAP-X is to be able to achieve a 350-mile range, with a rapid 10-minute recharging time.(Source: ZAP)BMW Introduces Teens to 
Automotive Careers
SPARTANBURG, SC (March 19, 2007) - Working with Automotive Youth Services (AYES), BMW's "2007 Teens and Wheels Program" will provide more than 1,000 students from 34 high schools in six Southern states with a first-hand view of how vehicles are manufactured, delivered and serviced during a two-week educational program. The program is designed to introduce them to careers in a field where the demand for skilled workers is high, and to demonstrate the rewarding nature of careers in retail automotive service, while dispelling lingering myths and stereotypes. The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) says there are currently more than 104,000 career opportunities available at franchise dealers in the United States, with more than half of them as automotive technicians. The DOL also projects another 35,000 new automotive technicians will be needed through at least 2010. "Careers at franchise automobile dealers are a growth industry," says Tom Purves, chairman and CEO of BMW of North America, and an AYES board member. "The jobs we offer are more sophisticated and better paying than those available in the so-called 'service economy.' And since they cover an array of positions, they are attractive to people with a variety of skills. These are non-cyclical jobs that cannot be outsourced overseas."(Source: BMW of North America LLC)"Insider's" Guide to 
Buying and Selling Cars Available
OCALA, FL (March 16, 2007) - Americans have a love affair with cars. They want the fastest, newest and most impressive machines on the road. In his new book titled Insider Trading (ISBN: 9781425982652), industry veteran Ted Lindsay teams with journalist Larry Bush to give instructions for the sales professional on one side and guidelines for the car buyer on the other, to help them sell or buy an automobile. On the selling side of Insider Trading, Lindsay uses a no-nonsense, fun approach to car sales. He brings his 34 years of auto industry experience to life while sharing valuable advice and anecdotes that offer the sales professional a realistic "how-to" approach. Lindsay says he believes this information can benefit sales professionals by increasing their job satisfaction and helping them become top sellers in their dealership. Conversely, potential car buyers can learn the ins and outs of negotiating for the new or used car they desire - and actually enjoy the process.
(Source: AuthorHouse)
Cummins Approves B20 LOUISVILLE, KY (March 20, 2007) - Cummins Inc. announced the approval of biodiesel B20 blends for use in its 2002-and-later emissions-compliant ISX, ISM, ISL, ISC and ISB engines. This includes the company's recently released 2007 engines. Cummins is able to upgrade its previous position on the use of biodiesel fuel, which limited the use to B5 blends only, up to B20 for three key reasons:* The American Society of Testing Materials' (ASTM) specification ASTM D6751 now includes an important stability specification for B100 biodiesel. * The availability of quality fuels from BQ-9000 Certified Marketers and Accredited Producers is growing rapidly.* Cummins has completed the necessary testing and evaluations to ensure that customers can reliably operate their equipment with confidence using B20 fuel. Cummins says the popularity and use of biodiesel fuel continues to climb. Recent studies predict that, by 2008, 1.2 billion gallons of B100 biodiesel will be produced in the United States. Further information about the use of biodiesel for both on-highway and off-highway Cummins products can be found at Cummins Inc.)

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