Resume Writing Rules

Jan. 1, 2020
When job seeking, a well-written resume is your first step toward the all-important phone call and job interview.

When job seeking, a well-written resume is your first step toward the all-important phone call and job interview. Since you will be seeking a position in the automotive industry, it's important you customize your resume to this particular market. Here are some tips to help you write a job-winning resume.

One thing that will help your resume stand out, according to, is to have a strong, descriptive title. That way, your resume will be remembered and not simply passed over and returned to the large stack of resumes. Instead of using a weak title, such as "Joe's Job Experience," consider something aimed at the automotive market. If you are applying for a technician position, try something like "Joe, the No-Comeback Auto Technician" or "Trained Auto Technician." Whatever you do, warns Monster, don't use a stupid title the recipient can dismiss or make fun of--this is your career.

It's also important to state your career objective. Many resumes are rejected because it isn't clear on the resume what the job applicant wants. A job recruiter who did not wish to be identified said the objective "must grab my attention within the first few words of the objective. It must be clearly written and relevant to the position being applied for."

The recruiter recommends the job seeker take a little extra time to customize the objective to the position. Some samples would include: "Objective: to become manager of a three-person auto repair shop." or "Objective: move up to national sales manager position in five years." You can use industry terms commonly accepted in the automotive field.

When it comes to the physical resume itself, Monster resume expert Kim Isaacs recommends using a standard Microsoft Word-installed type font so the layout will be consistent when a prospective employer opens the resume on his or her computer. Others recommend not using the standard default Times Roman font. Why? Because then your resume will look just like everyone else's resume.

Most experts do recommend using narrow fonts such as Times Roman or Arial Narrow in an effort to keep the resume down to only one or two pages. This saves paper and job recruiters have limited attention spans. "Also, the type should be large enough to read onscreen without causing eye fatigue," said Isaacs.

For the printed version or hard copy of a resume, don't skimp on paper quality--invest in good paper stock. Job recruiters tend to hold on to resumes printed on superior stock. Isaacs says you can double that effect if you print the resume on good quality paper in a professional color other than plain white.

What is the average length of a typical resume? It should be long enough to sell you properly without overstating your accomplishments. The best advice is to keep it short and never exceed one page unless you have more than 15 years of experience and are applying for a job in upper management. Check your resume on more than one computer for professional formatting.

Be certain to proofread your resume and correct any grammar or spelling mistakes. Nothing will allow a job recruiter to delete a resume quicker than poor grammar and improper spelling.

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