Models of Efficiency

March 1, 2015
Performance tips from the top shops in our KPI Survey
For three years now, we have conducted our FenderBender KPI Survey to evaluate performance at collision repair shops across the country. Our third survey was recently completed and will be published in May.

Each year, there are a handful of shops that report some unbelievable numbers—KPIs that warrant a follow-up and a deeper look into how the operations are run. The cover story of this issue is our first crack at just that. 

For “Ultimate Efficiency”, associate editor Bryce Evans tracked down four shops that ranked in the 99th percentile of 573 KPI Survey respondents when considering technician productivity and efficiency, shop cycle time and touch time and both gross and net profit. These businesses are real, their success is inspiring, and the advice they offer in the story is executable just about anywhere—and well worth the read.     

Keep an eye out for our next KPI Survey, as it’s sure to be the most comprehensive to date. As tracking performance becomes more commonplace—not to mention essential—the survey pool grows. 

If you’re still trying to get a handle on what KPIs matter most, how to track them and how to use them to grow your business, we have an opportunity for you in the same month  that our next survey is published. One of the workshops at the FenderBender Management Conference, May 18–20, is focused exclusively on this subject, with some of the industry’s leading KPI experts weighing in and taking your questions. 

You can find more about the workshop and other business-building sessions at If you’re able to attend, you should be able to return to your shop with enough know-how to make a real difference in performance. Maybe we’ll be checking in with you the next time we’re looking for models of efficiency.      

Jake Weyer
[email protected]