I-CAR Launches New Courses

April 10, 2015

April 10, 2015—I-CAR has announced a new quarterly schedule for course launches and updates, debuting this month.

With launches to follow in July and October for the remainder of 2015, the new schedule is designed to make it easier to plan for training needs, falling in line with I-CAR's pledge to deliver accessible, enhanced and relevant education and improved customer support, the organization said in a statement.

The first quarterly launch includes a number of new and updated courses, including the introduction of the live, instructor-led Understanding and Preventing Refinish Defects (REF10), which aims to enrich technicians’ refinish coatings knowledge and equip them with critical thinking techniques to troubleshoot, correct and apply on the job to improve work quality.

“The newest refinish course delves deep into different coatings’ reactions, as well as their chemical makeup and environmental responses,” McFarlin says. “Understanding these compositions and reactions, and applying critical thinking skills learned in this course, are key to producing a quality refinish product. The importance of excellent refinish work is compounded by the fact that it is often the most visible portion of the repair by the consumer, and can therefore positively or negatively impact CSI scores.”

April's launch also includes updates to Suspension Systems (STE02), Rack and Pinion and Parallelogram Steering Systems (STE03), Wheel Alignment and Diagnostic Angles (STE04), Collision Repair for General Motors Vehicles (GEN03), Collision Repair for Ford and Lincoln Vehicles (FOR05), and Induction Heaters (INH01e).

Additionally, I-CAR has launched the third in a series of American Honda-developed, I-CAR delivered online courses—Honda & Acura Restraints Collision Repair (HON12e). The one-hour module provides repair professionals with the critical information needed to perform proper and complete post-collision restraints system repairs on Honda and Acura vehicles.