I-CAR’s Production Management Curriculum Now Available

Aug. 12, 2015

Aug. 12, 2015—I-CAR’s new Production Management Curriculum, which was announced at the 2015 NACE Expo & Conference, was launched on Tuesday. Now available, the curriculum is a part of I-CAR’s Professional Development Program.

"This industry has a strong, immediate need for production management training," said Josh McFarlin, I-CAR’s director of curriculum and product development. "By working directly with shop owners and experts across the shop floor, we were able to build a unique curriculum that accurately reflects critical areas and challenges the industry faces."

The Production Management curriculum follows I-CAR’s new “Purpose Built” curriculum design principles. A core component of the curriculum is the Learning Culture Overview, which is the first course in the sequential series. The course is key to enhancing and maximizing a facility’s success rate in KPIs, I-CAR said in a release.

Courses that are currently available are part of the ProLevel 1 pathway for the role within I-CAR’s industry-recognized PDP. Each course in the Production Management role must be taken sequentially.

Available Production Management Role Courses:

  •   Learning Culture Overview (PM101E01)
  •   Before the Repair Starts (PM105E01)
  •   Matching the Repair to the Team (PM110V01)
  •   Workflow Essentials (PM115E01)
  •   Synchronizing Workflow through Team Communication (PM120L01)
  •   Problem Solving for Workflow Changes (PM125V01)
  •   Quality Is Your Business (PM130E01)
  •   Optimizing Processes, Equipment and Compliance (PM135E01)
  •   Developing the Team and the Business (PM140V01)
  •   Refining the Team and the Businesses (PM145L01)

For more information or to sign up for the Production Management Curriculum online, visit the I-CAR website.