CCC introduces electronic communication for non-DRP shops

Sept. 19, 2012

Sept. 19, 2012—CCC Information Services Inc. on Wednesday announced the launch of CCC ONE Workflow-Open Shop, a tool that allows insurers to communicate with shops that are outside of their direct repair network.

CCC said its Open Shop platform allows insurance carriers to electronically send assignments to non-DRP repair facilities. Shops are able to accept the assignments, create estimates and electronically upload them to insurance carriers.

Shops receive and process work assignments within Open Shop the same way they do with typical DRP assignments, CCC said. The assignments are identified within the CCC ONE message center so shops can differentiate them from actual DRP jobs.

“DRPs have been an important component to the auto claims industry, providing efficiencies in the claim settlement and repair process that help both insurers and repairers get their customers back on the road faster,” said Chetan Ghai, senior vice president of products and technology for CCC. “To meet consumer demand for shop choice, carriers and shops must find efficient ways to share assignment and estimate information that does not disrupt their existing workflow or add unnecessary days to the claims process. Open Shop was created to do just that.”

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