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Oct. 11, 2016

2011 Business Products / Services

3D Intelligent Graphics


Details This is the latest evolution of the estimating process—using a computer screen to view all parts of a vehicle exactly as they appear in relation to each other. This software allows estimators to rotate color-coded graphics 360 degrees and zoom in on diagrams to isolate, select and order the right part.


Phone 800.237.4968

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

CSi Complete

Details This is a program for monitoring business performance. CSi Complete works with shops to implement customized phone surveys and follow-up calls to get customer feedback and retain people who fail to return shortly after an estimate. All surveys are digitally recorded and tracked online.


Phone 800.343.0641

Manage 4.9 parts ordering


Details Launched in February of this year, this system allows users to look up parts, check availability in real time, zoom in on and print part images, and order parts directly from AutoZone, ALLDATA’s parent company. Shops can also import parts to a customer repair order. The system features enhanced search and mapping capabilities.


Phone 800.697.2533

CCC Information Services

Details This website was launched to help shop customers keep track of their vehicle’s repair. The site is available to shops using CCC ONE Workflow, and allows customers to view images and notes after logging in with their phone number. Customers can also use the site to send questions to a shop’s customer service representative.


Phone 800.621.8070


PPG Industries

Details This program manages the color formulation and mixing operation in the collision center and monitors and manages the cost and productivity of paint operations. It provides quick access to information needed to make decisions about job costs, material usage, mixing efficiency, inventory and more.


Phone 440.572.2800

RepairCenter FastPhoto Manager

Mitchell International

Details This system is designed to help shops sort, size, organize, load and link photos directly to repair orders and estimates. Shops can visually capture all damage information, including supplement, pre-existing and misplaced items, to include in claims documentation.


Phone 800.238.9111

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