ASA, Diamond Standard form strategic partnership

Jan. 11, 2012

Jan. 11, 2012—The Automotive Service Association (ASA) and Diamond Standard Parts on Tuesday announced a strategic alliance that provides ASA member shops with $40 million of product liability protection coverage from the use of Diamond Standard’s parts.

ASA said the strategic alliance, called the Diamond Standard Security Shield Product Liability Protection, is meant to help shop operators avoid risk due to the use of structural parts from foreign manufacturers that do not offer product liability protection. ASA said there has been an increase in aftermarket parts produced by Pacific Rim manufacturers—which have various levels of quality and substitution—with no U.S. assets or product liability coverage.

The Diamond Standard Security Shield Product Liability Protection provides ASA members with $40 million in product liability coverage from Diamond Standard. ASA said the liability coverage serves as additional security against situations when the use of a Diamond Standard part directly results in vehicle damage or injury to vehicle owners.

Parts covered under the liability protection include new Diamond Standard plated front steel bumpers, replacement hoods, high-strength steel and aluminum reinforcements, high-density and dual-high-density energy absorbers, full assembly step bumper systems and face plates, bumper top pads, bumper brackets, braces and supports, according to the ASA.

ASA said the Diamond Standard Security Shield Product Liability Protection is automatically available to its members for free, and does not require individual member registration.

ASA recently updated its official position statement regarding crash parts. The organization said the Diamond Standard Security Shield Product Liability Protection underscores its focus on exacting standards for a complete and safe repair. In addition, ASA said it provides clear evidence of Diamond Standard’s confidence to stand behind the company’s parts and parts policies.

“ASA is proud to follow up our recent crash parts position statement with a strategic partnership with Diamond Standard, and their agreement to ensure significant product liability coverage for ASA members,” said Ron Pyle, president and chief staff executive of the ASA. “This additional coverage gives the repairer even more confidence in their parts selection. Our members have a choice in where they obtain their parts and numerous reasons behind how those selections are made. At the end of the day, they expect verifiable quality in all part types and the knowledge that the manufacturer stands behind its brand.”

“Giving back to the industry front line is a central premise of Diamond Standard throughout the year, and a pivotal piece in our development of a unique branding program addressing the major issues in our industry. To receive the honor and distinction of ASA’s strategic partnership and support of Diamond Standard Security Shield validates the single-minded purpose of Diamond Standard—not only manufacturing and marketing the safest and highest quality parts available, but also precision parts using correct material, tool building, stamping and process controls here in America,” said Mike O’Neal, president of Diamond Standard Parts.

ASA said a website supporting the strategic partnership and coverage benefit will launch Feb. 1. The website,, will provide ASA members with access to the full program content, including background, coverage, a limited lifetime warranty statement and a “Certificate of Coverage” download feature.

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