DPC to provide insurance CE courses

Nov. 5, 2012

Nov. 5, 2012—DuPont Performance Coatings (DPC) has expanded its marketing options to provide shops with continuing education (CE) offerings for insurance agents.

DPC, in partnership with Cape School—an approved insurance CE provider—and marketing firm R R Custom Solutions, will offer a new series of courses for insurers that are lead by company instructors or certified repairers and jobbers.

Insurance agents serve a vital role as customer liaisons between their policyholders and their company’s claims and underwriting departments, DPC said. The CE courses are designed to help inform agents about current collision claims practices and ethics.

DPC’s courses were developed to meet state-by-state insurance licensing requirements, and the new ethics courses were designed to meet strict standards that reinforce proper ethical behavior for agencies and agents, the company said.

The series of courses provide opportunities for repairers and DPC jobbers to educate agents, as well as repair policyholders as they apply for insurance. DPC said the courses help existing policyholders prevent accidents and deal with the emotions and processes of property and casualty loss claims. Each of the courses includes in-shop exercises conducted in the collision repair center so shop operators can better explain all aspects of the repair process.

DPC’s courses are currently approved in 21 U.S. states, while additional state approvals are pending.

DPC said the CE course offerings improve marketing efforts for repairers. The courses generate positive public relations with insurance agents, shops become known as trusted repair advisors, and agents become better informed to properly advise their policyholders.

“With the market for collision repair holding steady or declining, DPC continues to look for innovative ways to add value for our customers to keep a steady flow of work to the door,” said Steve Trapp, performance services manager for DPC. “This proven CE method should add to our customers’ arsenal of marketing tools already at their disposal.”