CRX Announces Symposium Dates, Locations

June 10, 2013

June 10, 2013—Collision Repair Experts (CRX), a division of Fix Auto USA that helps independent shops improve operational efficiency, has announced several dates and locations for its industry symposium series titled “Are You an Expert?”

CRX’s “Are You an Expert?” symposium is designed to discuss several issues related to the collision repair industry. The symposium will address the impact that industry consolidation and insurance trends have on repairers, the disciplines required to improve cycle time management, and how multi-location operations are driving consistent performance and sales improvements through improved insurer relations.

Collision industry professionals who are scheduled to speak during the symposium include Susanna Gotsch and Raymond Chew of CCC Information Services Inc., Ron Kuehn of Collision Business Solutions, and Tim Clark of Fix Auto USA.

“The programs will provide practical insights and subject matter that will help repairers compete in a rapidly evolving industry and provide actionable steps that attendees can put in place when returning to their businesses,” CRX said.

CRX will host the symposium several times this summer, including June 12 in Seattle; June 27 in Nashville, Tenn.; July 16 in Portland, Ore.; July 18 in Los Angeles; and Aug. 8 in San Diego.

To register for the symposium online, visit