Norton Invoicing App Now Available for Subscribers

Aug. 5, 2015

Aug. 5, 2015— announced on Tuesday the release of the first of its ScurbberApps, a joint development with Saint-Gobain/Norton Abrasives to develop the Norton Invoicing App.

The Norton Invoicing App allows subscribers of to create an invoice for seam sealers, corrosion protection, foams, accessories, metal bonding, and bumper/plastic repair.

The Norton Invoicing App does the following:

1. Automatically imports R.O, vehicle and owner information from the scrubbed estimate

2. Allows building the invoice with point and click technology

3. Prints "the" Saint-Gobain / Norton Invoice using current retail pricing.

"We are extremely excited to have worked with Saint Gobain / Norton to co-develop and deploy this ScrubberApp as a part of the For our subscribers that use Norton products creating a materials invoice is now just a part of the scrubbing process. Our subscribers can scrub estimates, generate consumer estimates, and now create materials invoices - all from one integrated website - for one low price," said Steven Siessman, president of

"The Norton Invoicing App helps our customers create invoices supporting their materials usage on an R.O basis. The invoice will have the Saint-Gobain / Norton logo and current retail prices. You just select the products and quantities used to build the materials invoice. It will help our customers more easily document their materials usage using our invoice format and current retail prices,” said Randy Vidal, national accounts, Norton/Saint-Gobain.

The app is free of charge to subscribers.

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