PartsTrader Launches Technology Partner Program

May 28, 2015

May 28, 2015—PartsTrader has announced the launch of its PartsTrader Technology Partner Program in conjunction with the release of two new application program interfaces (APIs).

The initial focus of the program is to publish the two API guides that are designed to further facilitate the integration of the PartsTrader platform with other software in the collision industry.

The API guides allow technology companies in the industry to integrate their systems with the PartsTrader platform with other collision industry software. The Shop Management System API and the Supplier Inventory System API assist software developers in building integrations with the PartsTrader Platform. The API guides outline different key integration technologies, including SOAP 1.2, CIECA Parts & Materials Procurement BMS standard, and OAth 2.0.

“The PartsTrader Technology Partner Program is a continuation of our commitment to align the PartsTrader platform with the industry’s foremost technology providers and remain on the leading edge of electronic parts procurement,” stated Margaret Ho, director of product management and integration for PartsTrader.“Having entered into agreements with such forward looking organizations such as Digital Motorworks Inc, and Hotlines, we are excited to continue adding more integration partners looking to remain in the forefront of parts procurement as our Technology Partner Program expands.”