‘Complacency is Evil’

April 1, 2017
Never stop looking for ways to improve

Some of you likely know this already, but the parent company that produces FenderBender and all its ancillary platforms and products is 10 Missions Media. And, yes, we really do have 10 missions that act as the foundation for the way we operate. (It’s not just a clever name.).  

I only point this out because our fourth mission fits very well with our cover story this month (The Art of the Pivot). That mission? Complacency is evil. Hopefully, as our reader, you’ve seen firsthand how we live up to this with steady and regular improvements to all we do. The moment we stop improving is the same moment we fail in serving you, our readers. 

Our cover story, written by Associate Editor Travis Bean, profiles two shop operators who took this mindset to heart, took calculated risks in “pivoting” their business models, and took their operations to all new levels of success.

I don’t want to give away too much  (and I highly recommend you read it in its entirety), but I wanted to share one quote from Andrew Winston, author of The Big Pivot, who summed the story up very nicely with a simplistic approach all of us can take each day: “I think it’s important to ask yourself, ‘Why have we always done it that way? Why don’t we do it this way?’”

What’s your answer?