Sherwin-Williams Releases New Color Retrieval System

Aug. 19, 2015

Aug. 19, 2015—Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes introduced its premium web-based FormulaExpress 2.0 Color Retrieval System on Tuesday. The new system is used to achieve the best color match results in the shortest possible time.

“The problem with so many of the existing color retrieval systems is that they are slow, cluttered, and difficult to enhance, change or maintain because they are built on aged platforms,” says John Ceglarek, color systems manager for Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes.

With the FormulaExpress 2.0, formulas are sorted by popularity instead of the “standard with alternates” method widely used by many existing color retrieval systems. The system also has a unique patent-pending Color Filter feature, which helps painters select from a list of color variations by selecting a few, user-friendly filters.

The new system allows the user to enter whatever they know about the vehicle into one box that will pull precise color information with just a click. The system provides intuitive search functionality, and is extremely fast, reliable and provides real-time updating.

The system is designed to work with multi-platforms, including tablets, smartphones and PCs. The FormulaExpress 2.0 system is functional with every automotive finishes intermix and factory pack system Sherwin-Williams provides.

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