Nomination Process

Nov. 1, 2011


1. Nominate

Complete a nomination for the FenderBender Awards online.

• Confirm that your nomination meets the FenderBender Awards eligibility requirements.
• Select the category that your nominee best represents.
• Nominate early to ensure that you make all editorial and publication deadlines.

2. Editorial

• After you’ve nominated an individual, your submission will be reviewed by FenderBender editors.
• After narrowing down nominees in each category, FenderBender editors will conduct phone interviews to get more information on the nominees in making their final selections for a FenderBender Award.

3. Notification

• In the summer of 2012, award winners will be notified.

4. Interviews and Photography

If a FenderBender Award is won, interviews and photo shoots will be conducted.
• Nominators will be contacted by a FenderBender writer for an interview regarding the nominee for the profile story of the nominee.
• Nominee will be contacted by a FenderBender writer for an interview for their profile story.
• Nominee will be contacted by a FenderBender photographer to arrange a time for a photo shoot for their profile story.

5. Publication

On October 1, 2012, we will publish the 2012 FenderBender Awards on The October issue of FenderBender, profiling the six FenderBender Award winners, will hit mailboxes in early October.
• FenderBender will publicize and distribute the publication to media channels throughout the industry.
• FenderBender will distribute the publication at SEMA 2012, during Automotive Service & Repair Week.

6. Recognition

FenderBender Award winners will be formally recognized at a ceremony during the 2012 Automotive Service and Repair Week Oct. 11–13 in New Orleans.
• Award winners will be invited to attend the ceremony, at which they will receive their award in front of an audience of industry peers.

7. Celebration

Congratulations to your nominee! Receiving a FenderBender Award is not only a major accomplishment, but something that says a great deal about the way in which a nominee positively impacts those around them, the business they work for, and the collision repair industry at large. It is an award that can be celebrated with their peers, executives, employees, vendors, customers, and all others who helped make it possible.


Please feel free to contact our team at 651.224.6207 or at [email protected] if you have any additional questions about the FenderBender Awards.

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