Service King Launches App

April 18, 2017

Service King has released Overdrive MD, a communication App. 

April 19, 2017—Service King has launched Overdrive MD (Mobiledrive), the company’s second patented tool, which breaks down communication between the front office and the shop floor.

Derek Kramer, CIO of Service King and the lead on this project, told FenderBender that the project began a little less than a year ago and has just finished its pilot phase. Kramer said that by the end of the summer, the app will be in its network of over 300 repair shops.

Kramer said that delivery technology and breaking down communication barriers has always been a stressed goal of Service King. When the company began working on this initiative, it brought in technicians for a roundtable discussion to figure out the way it could best deliver these capabilities.

“Almost right away in unison, they all said smartphones,” Kramer said. “They’re all carrying their smartphones around with them, so it only makes sense. With Mobiledrive, they can hold the entire industry in their hand.”

Mobiledrive has over 80 features, and Kramer said that it’s only the beginning. Among others, the app allows users to view their shop metrics in real-time, view repairs and what the expectations for those repairs are, view parts delivery status, take photos, and communicate vehicle status with the front office. The App also allows users to check email and view their calendars.

Kramer said that the goal of the app is to engage its network and allow them access to the same information and materials as everyone else. He added that it will make shops more productive by allowing technicians to stay in their stalls rather than having to walk back and forth to communicate information.

The App is available in Google Play and on iTunes. It is free for Service King Shops to use.