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Oct. 21, 2020

ADAPT is keeping up with the industry news and shop strategies that are on the leading edge of automotive and repair technology.

Oct. 21, 2020—Whether it's parts catalogs or telematics, technology is evolving the tools used to benefit shops. Make sure you're taking advantage of current opportunities and prepping for those that are coming in the near future.

ADAPT Podcast: Evolution of Parts Catalogs

You might be used to an online parts catalog by now, but the evolution of the tool is fascinating. In this podcast, Steve Morris of Pride Collision Centers discusses paper parts catalogs, microfilm diagrams, and the streamlining of electric parts catalogs.

The Telematics Case for Repair and Service Shops

If your shop had access to (anonymous) real-time performance data from thousands of vehicles in your area, what would you do to capitalize?

Education Should Drive Automation

How does the public's perception of ADAS and autonomous features guide the technology's development? An expert panel dives into the details in this story.

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