ADAS Mobile Plus Streamlines ADAS Calibration

Nov. 13, 2023
Launch Tech USA releases the upgraded ADAS Mobile Plus, which makes calibration accessible to the independent repair shop

As vehicles on the road become more advanced with intricate control area network (CAN) bus networks that host numerous onboard modules and monitoring systems, one of the most important systems that has been added onto vehicles across the spectrum from European, Asian and domestic manufacturers is advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).

ADAS consists of numerous technologies such as radar, lidar, sonar and camera systems that allow for a safer driving experience for the driver and the surrounding elements. Some examples of ADAS systems include adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning, lane departure warning, traffic signs and signals recognition, vehicle stability control, and more.

As OEMs continue to engineer new technologies, ADAS features are now at the core of calibration, service, and repair needs. Automotive aftermarket repair shops across America now encounter ADAS-related diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) during scan diagnostics, windshield replacement, bumper replacement, and more. These service requests — which at one time would have been simply removed and replaced — may now require ADAS-related service and calibrations.

Streamlining ADAS calibration for independent repair shops

One of the most formidable product offerings on the market for independent automotive aftermarket shops is the Launch X-431 Mobile Plus ADAS Calibration unit. The Mobile Plus works in conjunction with any Launch X-431 Professional Line tool and guides the technician to complete an ADAS calibration on European, Asian and domestic vehicles. Designed specifically for the independent repair shop, the X-431 ADAS Mobile Plus is light, durable and accurate.

“In terms of ADAS, there is still a high percentage of shops across America that do not have access to calibration equipment (yet) due to factors such as cost and technical ability,” states Launch Product Development Manager Haresh Gobin. “It can be a bit confusing and overwhelming to understand the requirements on how to enter the ADAS calibration space and implement it into shop operations. One of the product philosophies we employ at Launch is to streamline new technologies in a concise and practical way with our product solutions to support the independent shop and technician, providing them the confidence and capability to embrace new technologies such as ADAS, resulting in positive revenue streams. The Launch X-431 ADAS Mobile Plus allows shops to enter the ADAS repair and static calibration sector. The product is easy to use, lightweight and portable, and enables accurate calibrations.”

Additionally, most shops have service bay space challenges. The X-431 ADAS Mobile Plus operates within the minimum required space parameters of 16-by-32-feet for most ADAS static front-facing camera system calibrations on many European, Asian and domestic vehicles (such as Stellantis). The unit can operate within most shops' engine bay spaces and can be folded and stored in a closet when it is not in use.

Launch streamlines the calibration process to be simple and concise. The X-431 ADAS Mobile Plus works in conjunction with any Launch professional X-431 diagnostic scan tool to perform ADAS calibrations. The intuitive and user-friendly ADAS software module on the X-431 scan tool guides the technician step-by-step from beginning to end of a successful calibration. The pre-scan documents the vehicle’s status before the calibration process, and the post-scan report confirms that the calibration is completed successfully, allowing documentation for the customer and other elements such as insurance companies.

An efficient ADAS solution that is easy to use

Weighing 45 pounds, the expandable and retractable unit is among the industry’s most portable and mobile-friendly ADAS solutions. The X-431 Mobile Plus is easy to mount and features a variety of targets for different vehicles such as Honda, Toyota, Subaru, and Mercedes.

The calibration process requires creating a uniform centerline down the middle of the vehicle. This centerline is used for distance algorithms that ADAS systems use to detect foreign objects and other vehicles. All Launch X-431 Professional Line scan tools have the ADAS software pre-installed on the platform, which is activated when a physical Launch ADAS calibration unit is purchased. The Launch X-431 scan tool platform facilitates step-by-step instructions on the setup and placement of Mobile Plus from beginning to end on static ADAS calibrations.

“The Launch ADAS Mobile Plus is a continued product evolution from its predecessor, the ADAS Mobile,” says Gobin. “The core characteristics of this product are practicality, accuracy and convenience. We understand that the independent aftermarket shop technician needs to efficiently serve the needs of their customers. Our commitment to supporting this demographic is in line with our consistent ADAS product releases. The Launch X-431 ADAS Mobile Plus is an upgraded solution with its lightweight characteristics, ability to be mobile, and ease of use. The X-431 ADAS Mobile Plus works in conjunction with the X-431 Professional Line diagnostic scan tools to address ADAS-related codes and calibrations.”

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