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Up until a year ago, Michael Hoeneise, training manager at Car-O-Liner, was a technician, so he knows just how important it is to have the proper tools for the blueprinting process.

“I know firsthand the difference it makes to identify all of the damage up front with pre-measurements and 100% teardown versus finding it as you go,” Hoeneise says. “The better the blueprint, the more efficient you are.”

A solid blueprinting process will benefit the technician and the shop, but more importantly your customers will be happy when you deliver on time. Performing a complete blueprint will cut down on supplements, which will decrease cycle time and improve CSI scores, also.

In Hoeneise’s experience, most shops attempt an effective blueprint process, but it’s difficult to ensure that it’s consistent and it’s often hard to get everyone on board with investing the time upfront. So, whenever there’s a way to make the process easier and more efficient, it’s worth looking into.

PointX, Car-O-Liner’s diagnostic measuring tool, was designed with the blueprinting process in mind and because of that, you can be confident with improved operations and customer satisfaction.



PointX can be used for point-to-point, absolute and 3-D measuring, providing quick and accurate diagnostic measuring, increasing throughput and decreasing your “Key to Key” cycle time.

The PointX uses the extensive and powerful database developed by Car-O-Liner to ensure efficient, accurate estimation and repair. Measurements are displayed on a laptop computer included with each PointX to ensure ease of use and flexible measuring anywhere in the shop. The PointX provides a print feature for pre-repair measurements so documenting the estimate is easy and complete. Hoeneise says that having these printouts is a helpful visual aid for showing the customers any structural movement on their vehicle, also developing trust.


Unique Capabilities

PointX sets itself apart from other measuring tools on the market with its capabilities and design.

Unlike some other measuring tools for estimating, PointX performs 3-D measuring under car, which isolates the damage on the vehicle, Hoeneise says. The 3-D measuring capability will free up frame equipment in shops reducing traffic on the frame equipment for initial damage analysis.

PointX is also unique in the fact that it’s constructed from strong durable carbon fiber, making it effective and easy to use. With Car-O-Liner’s PointX, award winning Vision 2 Software and extensive database of more than 16,000 vehicles your blueprinting process will stay consistent, and that is what you want, Hoeneise says.


A Tool for Getting Paid

Hoeneise says “A tape measure and a tram gauge may be your go to tool for getting quick measurements,”. Though you may be proficient with these tools, it’s hard to give documentation and even harder to get paid for your diagnostic time.

For those shops using the PointX, Hoeneise says “It’s more effective for shops to show the need for measuring, frame time and additional labor hours and get paid for it”.


Building Trust

Not only are the reports from PointX great for showing documentation to the stakeholders, it’s also an effective tool to increase your technician efficiencies and an additional level of trust on behalf of your customers.

“I would relate the report from PointX to what customers get when they get an alignment and the printout that goes with it,” Hoeneise says. “Most probably won’t understand what the PointX report means, but the value is in showing that it was done and you have proof for the need for the repair.


Improve Shop Operations

Hoeneise says that a proper estimating and blueprinting process will help shop owners by identifying the repair plan for each vehicle, increase throughput and profitability. Better yet, your employees and technicians will be confident with their contribution and a sense of pride working for a business that cares.

So, what is your plan and how will you make a difference in 2018?

Will you improve your repair plan with a solid estimating and blueprinting process or, will we be here a year from now, saying, “We should have done this a year ago”? Let’s solve the unknown and eliminate the guesswork by executing on your goals for a new year and implement change for the benefit of everyone.

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