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Imagine how much your business would improve if you could have an extra employee and not have to pay them. In a way, that’s exactly what Estify Transfer will do for your shop.

Anthony Candela, collision center director at Prestige Collision Center in Paramus, N.J., says that using Estify Transfer saves each of his collision advisors at least an hour per vehicle. Averaging about 200 cars per month and breaking that down into days the shop is open, he’s saving roughly eight hours per day by using Transfer.

“That’s a full-time employee without taking breaks or lunch,” Candela says.

For Candela, investing in the system has freed up both time and money, which has afforded him numerous opportunities he didn’t have before.


Rekeying Estimates—A Time Killer.  

After hearing about Transfer, Candela wanted to make sure his shop was in a place where using the system would be effective. So, he spent six months developing the shop’s processes and workflow while having advisors rekey estimates on their own.

“Our collision advisors are customer-facing employees,” Candela says. “They write estimates. They schedule appointments. They pull parts. They’re doing a lot.”

When rekeying estimates into the shop management system was added to that list of duties, it slowed everything down.

“They’re always getting pulled away from their desk,” Candela says. “It’s not like they can just sit down and do it. It wasn’t uncommon for an estimate to sit on a collision advisor’s desk all day before they were able to get to it.”

Because of this, the rest of the repair process was held up. Parts couldn’t be ordered and vehicles couldn’t be moved, all of which impacted cycle time at the shop.


Transfer Saves the Day.

After making the switch to Transfer, Candela vividly remembers his employees’ reaction: “Why didn’t someone come out with this sooner?”

“None of my employees had used it before—they love it,” Candela says. “It frees up their time. Doing this increases workflow, throughput and production and in the end will help grow your business a lot faster.”

Rather than sitting at a desk all day, Candela says the entire process to input an estimate into a management system only takes between 15–20 minutes. Now, as soon as a vehicle comes into the shop, it’s ready to be put through production.

In order to use Transfer, download the app to take a photo or upload a PDF of any estimate. Then, select your shop’s preferred estimating platform. After that, it’s in Estify’s hands. As soon as the estimate is ready, Estify will notify the shop.


Ease of Use.

Being a dealer-owned company, there’s a lot of different software and technology that the staff at Prestige has to get used to. Because of this, simplicity is key when it comes to bringing something new into the shop.

Candela says that he likes Transfer because it’s easy to use. None of his staff had used it before, yet hardly any training was needed.

“It’s simple, quick, consistent and reliable,” Candela says. “It’ll free up your valuable time.”


A Winning Solution.

“I’ve recommended Transfer to others in the industry,” Candela says. “I would say that it’s great for anyone that’s starting out in the industry or anyone who is looking to take their business to the next level.”

Candela says that he’s seen it before: people fail in this industry when workload increases and they’re not prepared. Transfer frees up the time needed for shop owners to dedicate more time toward production.

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