Q&A: Assured Performance CEO on How Apps Help Obtain Customer Referrals from OEMs

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Aug. 10, 2017—In July, Assured Performance established OEM Certification 2.0—The CRP Model, which was designed to address many of the challenges and needs of the industry as the world reaches the next frontier in automotive technology and collision repair.

And the key to it all? The program addresses multiple critical elements, including the customer referral from auto manufacturers.

And, according to Scott Biggs, CEO and founder of Assured Performance, the core component to achieving that referral has been mobile apps and in-vehicle apps that Assured helps OEMs build into cars' systems. And by becoming OEM certified, your shop automatically becomes part of those apps.

Biggs spoke with FenderBender to discuss how apps will help collision repair shops attain work as vehicles become more and more connected.


What is allowing these apps to gain steam now?

It’s shocking we haven’t had it before. Why didn’t we have it 10 years ago? Well, the tech in the car didn't allow the altitudes to reach this height. The precision engineering and advanced materials and all the accident avoidance stuff means these cars must be exactly repaired. Now what used to be a good decision in collision repair is now an essential, critical one.

So how do these apps work? How do drivers know to download these apps?

They are sold on the apps by the automakers, or the app is already in the vehicle. There are several individual certified shop locator apps, and then generic collision care apps that are consumer facing. Then there's an app for insurers.

How many OEMs have these apps?

There are the apps Assured has helped OEMs create. And soon, two more OEMS are relaunching their consumer facing apps.

And then there are the certified shop locators:

All the apps and locators are based on VIN and year, make, model. The app will drive consumers to shops certified for their brand. 

FCA's and Ford’s apps are part of their overall service and car care products and services. It's all integrated. They don’t just have just an app for collisions—it’s for maintenance too. The car companies have cradle to grave. They want to make sure their app reaches for all those things. 

How many people are really using the apps?

Over 23 millions of consumer have downloaded and hit the FCA app, for example. We just had communication that went out to 4 million consumers. Car companies send emails to consumers saying, "This is where you should take your vehicle." This communication is ongoing. It has an enormous potential impact.

Why would OEMs want to sent work to collision repair shops, and not dealerships?

Indies repair over 80 percent of the vehicles out there. Independents buy over 80 percent of the wholesale parts. The OE network isn’t close to being large enough to handle volume of collision repair that exists today.

We have dealers and independents, and the key is they all have be certified. The all have to meet same requirements. They have to have the capacity to repair advance vehicles safely. There's no compromise anymore.


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