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Green metrics computer-modeling software simulates insurer scoring systems

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Jan. 4, 2012—GRC-Pirk Management on Tuesday announced the launch of a green metrics computer-modeling software that shop operators can use to simulate the key performance indicator (KPI) scoring schemes established by insurers.

GRC-Pirk Management said the computational software was developed in conjunction with the U.S. EPA apps-for-the-environment program, which promotes local and state green businesses. The Google software locates eco-friendly shops and displays their greenhouse gas reduction rating.

Insurers have been using cryptic measures to justify their KPI scoring schemes, according to GRC-Pirk Management. The company said shop operators are now able to use greenhouse gas reduction rate scores to predict the KPI score used by insurance companies. Performance scores can be computed without intervention by utilizing non-intrusive data acquisition from utility suppliers.

Green metrics computer-modeling is able to come within 5 percent of an insurer’s KPI scoring system without the use of proprietary and confidential information, such as cycle time, work volume capabilities or costs of specific repairs, GRC-Pirk Management said.

Shops must be listed under valid federal, state and local green business programs in order to register for the program, according to GRC-Pirk Management. Data-link software is used to locate shops under the authority of the U.S. EPA Energy Star Partnership, Green Power Partnership and Design for the Environment programs. The mapping features coexist with sets of public information on local green business locations, sustainability and standards.

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