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Snap Shop: Integrity Auto Collision Center

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Snap Shop

SHOP: Integrity Auto Collision Center   LOCATION: Fairfield, Calif.  OWNER: Oscar Moreno

SIZE: 8,000 square feet  STAFF: 13  AVERAGE MONTHLY CAR COUNT: 52  ANNUAL REVENUE: $2 million

1. Camera Equipment

Owner Oscar Moreno has made it a point to market Integrity Auto Collision Center through the use of YouTube videos. His business’s videos on the social media outlet have garnered over 100,000 views, thanks to Moreno’s $4,500 total investment in elements like a Canon T6I camera, a few GoPro cameras, and Adobe Creative Cloud software. Moreno has found YouTube videos to be powerful marketing tools that educate customers. Jennifer Franco, estimator, marketing and sales director, tries to upload at least one video per month for the shop. “We’ve got to plant the seed for people that might need our services in the future,” Moreno notes.

2. Bold Branding 

When Moreno opened Integrity five years ago, he felt branding would be key to set his shop apart from the competition, and to quickly gain recognition around town. That’s why he put great effort into finding a sleek logo that would serve as memorable imagery. He says people often stop him around town to compliment his shop’s logo, which features the outline of a sports car. Another one of Integrity’s unique branding touches: Customers are given air fresheners with Integrity’s logo on them.

3. Showroom

While Moreno is proud of Integrity’s waiting area (which he largely designed himself), he says his shop’s showroom leaves the most lasting impact on customers. When customers are ready for the vehicle delivery process, they’re led down an elaborately designed hallway before seeing their refurbished vehicle in the well-lit showroom. “We show them the final product, and usually you get the ‘wow effect,’” Moreno says. “It’s a beautiful showroom.”

4. Word-In-Process Monitors

Moreno used to arrive at his shop early in the morning and write repair information on a workflow board by hand. Concerned that his method of strictly writing on a dry-erase whiteboard was antiquated—and, most importantly, wasting more than two hours per week—the shop owner sprung for three monitors roughly three years ago that are used to display work in process (WIP) information. Those TV monitors utilize a Google Chromecast device to inform everyone at Integrity of the amount of vehicles currently in the shop, where the vehicles are at in the repair process, and which employees are assigned to each particular element of the repair process.

5. New MultiBenches

Moreno has made it a point to recently invest in shop equipment like two Spanesi MultiBenches, which added up to an investment of about $100,000. The MultiBenches are electrohydraulic lifts that are able to lift up to 6,600 pounds, pull and measure.

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