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PPG is launching three new automotive refinish tools that will take its customers to the next level of color match leadership. The new products are part of the PPG XI brand initiative and include the PAINTMANAGER® XI software program, the TOUCHMIX® XI computer and the RAPIDMATCH™ XI spectrophotometer. “Used together, the XI solutions take PPG to an entirely new playing field,” said Nicole Sinclair, PPG color marketing manager.

Sinclair added that the entire refinish team could not be more excited about the solutions that will now be available to PPG customers. The new offerings will provide an improved, visually driven workflow opportunity for all customers to become more productive and more profitable.


TouchMix XI

The TouchMix XI computer is the first color tool available from PPG’s XI brand solutions.

“This robust and innovative computer has been designed to allow technicians to work more efficiently by allowing easy navigation of all PaintManager software products,” said Tracey Johnson, PPG, senior manager, global color IT. “TouchMix XI is an all-in-one computer that can be installed directly in a collision center’s mixing room. You open the box, set the computer up in the mixing room and start using it. Compared to other products on the market, TouchMix XI costs less and has a smaller footprint. Further, it’s much easier to service and support. The system has a 15-inch industrial-strength glass touch screen and provides a safe, clean and compact solution for the most demanding shop environments. The TouchMix XI unit takes color technology to the next level.”


PaintManager XIPPG

The PPG database, with more than five million formulas globally, can quickly be accessed through the new PaintManager XI software program.

Johnson said PaintManager XI customers can enjoy daily formula updates along with a simplified workflow that allows accurate and fast formula retrieval. “PPG’s new PaintManager XI software stands significantly above anything we’ve seen on the market,” she added. “It’s touch-friendly, extremely intuitive and will make a painter’s life easier.”


RapidMatch XI

RapidMatch XI is the new, state-of-the-art spectrophotometer available from PPG. The unit has 11 color angles and five digital camera angles along with a touch screen that allows users to see the surface of the car when taking a reading, which can help determine exactly where to take the most accurate measurement.

“When we designed the new spectrophotometer, the PPG team listened to customer feedback to ensure we created a device that would be even better than the RapidMatch X-5 unit,” Johnson explained. “We overcame the many hurdles older devices and technologies presented and now offer simple battery replacement, no docking station and 30-day calibrations. The RapidMatch XI’s advanced features will reinforce PPG’s leadership position in spectrophotometer technology.”


Additional Offerings

PPG is taking into account its experience and customer feedback to offer new concepts to its customers. Johnson pointed out that customers will be able to share formulas over the Internet and access their personal sprayout library electronically. She added that through the new XI brand initiatives, PPG customers will be better able to track waste and rework. Customers will also have the upper hand when it comes to managing productivity and throughput. Along with everything PPG is doing to make painters’ lives easier, it has added new reports to help shop managers and owners better oversee their businesses. The reports can be run across multiple locations through the Cloud, a feature that makes it easier to run reports for MSO locations.

In addition to new products, PPG has elevated its training. On-site training programs and e-learning modules are now available to help customers adapt to, and learn about, the new products.


Marketing the XI Initiative

The PPG color team is excited about the XI initiative and wants to share that excitement with its customers. Toward that end, the company has rolled out a strategic marketing plan that includes a broad social media campaign to support the initiative. Look for PPG’s #XIgeneration hashtag on Facebook, Instagram and in Twitter posts. Follow the posts for the latest updates and offerings.

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