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Report finds Diamond Standard bumper parts equal to OEM

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May 2, 2011 — A new report from parts maker Diamond Standard claims that recent tests found its aftermarket bumper components to be equal to OEM parts in terms of crash pulse.

For the Report, MGA Research Corporation conducted a series of fixed-barrier tests, which pitted a Diamond Standard front absorber and reinforcement system for a 2006 Nissan Altima against an OEM system. The tests evaluated the parts’ crash-pulse management based on a variety of data including load carrying capabilities and the forward head movement of dummies. Vehicle speeds were kept at 9.5 mph, just below airbag deployment speed.

In a test without the dummies, former crashworthiness expert George Neat concluded the performance of the parts would be similar in a real-world crash, according to the report. Dr. David Breed, who evaluated a test using dummies, found the same result.

“The Diamond Standard and the OEM bumpers are for all practical purposes identical in the region where the bumper determines crash pulse,” Breed said. “It is unlikely that they would perform differently in real-world crashes where an airbag deploys.”

Mike O’Neal, president of Diamond Standard, said the parts test was intended to determine the quality of his company’s parts alone, not those of the broader aftermarket industry. To view the full report, go to

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