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The McDonald’s golden arches. The Nike swoosh. The Starbucks mermaid.

Logos can become synonymous with the company that they represent. Often, the more recognizable the logo, the more well-known the company is and vice versa. Creating a memorable logo and developing a brand promise behind it can be the difference between a customer coming into your shop or going to a competitor.

Fix Auto is a global MSO with locations in the U.S., Australia, Canada, China, South Africa, France, Turkey and the U.K.. Wherever there’s a Fix Auto in the world, the company’s logo and overall mission remain the same. Fix Auto franchises all have a common look, feel and naming convention to ensure a positive and repeatable experience in every location, says Paul Gange, the company’s president and COO. Gange adds that this approach has helped the company consistently deliver industry-leading KPIs.

Fix Auto has created systems and processes to ensure that all of its shops deliver consistent and predictable experiences to its customers each and every time. These processes cover everything from phone scripts to the proper signage. “A brand is a promise, and our promise to our customers is that we will provide a professional, hassle-free experience that will delight vehicles owners who have experienced a traumatic event,” Gange says.

Keep it Consistent

All of the locations of Fix Auto have a common look, feel and naming convention. Each location has the same logo and is named Fix Auto followed by the location (e.g., Fix Auto 5th Avenue). Gange says that the simplicity of the logo translates well in all of the countries Fix Auto operates in.

Make it Memorable

Gange explains that in his experience, consumers are not looking for a collision center on a day-to-day basis. Because of this, when the logo is presented—whether in a TV commercial, billboard or sign outside the shop—it’s important that it is easy to identify, memorable and highly visual. Gange says that the simplicity of its logo has allowed it to remain fully intact throughout the different countries. If an MSO is looking to expand globally, a simple, licensed logo will work the best. Gange breaks down the aspects that went into creating Fix Auto’s logo:

The Name: The words “Fix Auto Collision” identify who the company is and what service is offered, which means the customer doesn’t have to guess. Gange explains that potential customers are only exposed to logos for a small amount of time, if they have to think too much about what it is, chances are they won’t remember it.

The Colors: The simple color palette of blue, red and yellow are easily reproduced and recognizable, which benefits MSOs that are represented in many different areas.

The Imaging: Gange says the arrows on the logo were chosen to represent a collision and the intermediary role that Fix Auto plays between insurers and vehicle owners. The graphics stand for something and relays a message to potential customers.

Consider the Bigger Picture

Fix Auto has acquired many shops that have a family name attached to them. Gange understands the importance of that, but he advises MSOs to highlight the importance of the bigger picture when explaining why it’s necessary to change names.

“I have tremendous respect for the entrepreneurships that have built our industry, but I don’t believe that branding needs to highlight a single person,” Gange says.

Gange says that the consistent branding that Fix Auto uses has helped indicate to its customers that it is a single, cohesive entity that is capable of bringing a high level of service. If the shop owners of the acquired shops kept the original names of the shops, they wouldn’t be able to benefit from the recognition and the reputation that the Fix Auto Brand has developed.

Create Positive Associations

A logo is only a series of words and images until it becomes associated with a message—make it a positive one.

For MSO owners that are looking to acquire shops and keep the existing staff, Gange says it’s important to have the same values and overall goals. Fix Auto only chooses to partner with shop owners that have a positive reputation and run successful businesses. Gange points out that when Fix Auto teams up with a shop, it wants the shop to maintain its culture. By doing this, the shop’s existing customers will feel comfortable coming back under the new name.

In addition to providing excellent service, Fix Auto encourages all of its shops to maintain community involvement. The company as a whole makes it a priority to support local organizations such as schools, religious institutions, charities and youth sports. By participating in its communities in positive ways, the Fix Auto brand has positive thoughts associated with it.

Look for Inspiration

Fix Auto has over 100 locations that have rebranded, so Gange feels confident in his expertise when it comes to rebranding. For shop owners that are looking to rebrand, Gange suggests looking at other businesses that have successfully done this and draw inspiration. Fix Auto has successfully done this by creating an easily duplicated and memorable logo that conveys what the company does.

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