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Survey Results Show How Often Shops are Paid for Not-Included Procedures

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Sept. 9, 2015—A new survey from Collision Advice shows “Who Pays for What?” in terms of frame and mechanical procedures.

This latest survey examines how often shops are charging—and being paid—for 20 different “not-included” repair procedures related to structural/frame and mechanical operations. Nearly 700 shops participated in the national survey.

According to the results, just under 61 percent of shops said they are paid “always” or “most of the time” for removing coatings from pinchwelds prior to mounting the vehicle on a frame machine when it is required of the repair.

"In my opinion, that 61 percent should be 100 percent," said Mike Anderson, president of Collision Advice and creator of the survey.

Anderson noted that some automakers do not approve mounting or anchoring the pinchweld area at all, and shops should always follow manufacturers recommendations. However, Anderson said when mounting using the pinchwelds, removal of the coatings is a must.

"I have not found any vehicle manufacturer or any frame equipment company that says it’s okay to secure a fixture clamp to pinchwelds without first removing all undercoating and seam sealer,” he said. “If this isn't done, it increases the likelihood that the vehicle can slip when you are pulling it, causing further damage or adversely impacting the accuracy of the measurements. So those coatings need to be removed in order to perform a proper and safe repair."

The survey found that State Farm and USAA appear to understand the need for removing coatings from pinchwelds better than other insurers. Over 80 percent of their DRP shops report being paid “always” or “most of the time” to perform the procedure, compared to less than 55 percent of Geico and Progressive DRP shops.

"I would encourage anyone who is not being paid for this to research it through the OEMs, I-CAR or any frame equipment companies to ask if it is okay to mount a fixture clamp over a pinchweld covered with undercoating or seam sealer,” Anderson said. “They will find that the answer is a clear, ‘No.’ Shops need to understand that their technicians must be doing this.”

For the full findings of the 51-page survey and the 62-page report on the first survey results released earlier this year, click here

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