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Peak Performers

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Since we first published our KPI Survey three years ago, it has grown into a FenderBender hallmark, one of the features we know you anticipate and  look forward to each year. We receive more feedback on it each year, and it’s no surprise given the direction the industry is headed.       

We know you like statistics, whether they’re in feature stories, case studies, strategies or elsewhere. When we list a given shop’s sales, size, staff, car count, etc., you notice. Some of you have made crunching the numbers a routine pastime, like a crossword puzzle in a newspaper. And if something looks out of sync—you’re quick to let us now.  

And that’s just fine with me. In fact, it’s better than fine, as I’ve written in this very column—probably too many times—that collision repair success comes much easier to the businesses that know their numbers. I won’t dwell on it again here, other than to urge you to check out the survey results to see again the correlation between high-performing shops and KPI tracking. 

There’s another topic to which I’d like to address this month. It’s also related to performance—the human side of it. No shop can turn out great numbers without the right people in the right places. Once a year, we make a push for shops to tell us about the incredible people driving their success. From inspiring shop leaders to knockout business partners and all of the positions between, it’s once again time to nominate deserving individuals for our annual FenderBender Awards program.

The information we’re looking for is simple: We want to know about your nominee’s business achievements, industry impact, and influence on the lives of others. Everyone works with or knows someone who is a peak performer, a difference maker, an overachiever who should be recognized on a grand stage. Make this the year for that person in your life. 

Nominations are open through July 1 at Every nomination will be reviewed by our editorial staff, and winners will be selected for profiles in the October issue. I’m looking forward to reading your nomination. 

Jake Weyer

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