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All Magic Paint & Body

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Courtesy Tom Gregg

SHOP: All Magic Paint & Body  LOCATION: Norco, Calif.  OWNER: Ellie Adri

SIZE: 20,000 square feet STAFF: 22 ANNUAL REVENUE: $4.5 million

If you drive down Hamner Avenue in Norco, Calif., you’ll see Target, Nordstrom, Macy’s—then you’ll notice an interesting shop called All Magic Paint & Body.

All Magic will catch your eye because, well, that’s the point: A 20,000-square-foot establishment with a unique font for its logo, a bunny in a top hat as its mascot and, depending on your timing, one of the many Saleen Mustangs the shop is commissioned to paint, nestled at the entrance of the shop.

Director of Operations Tom Gregg says the shop’s unique layout and design keeps customers coming back for more and helps light up All Magic’s social media presence.

1) When the 24-year-old shop built its new state-of-the-art facility back in 2001, Gregg says the shaded square area in front of the entrance became a convenient place to park customers’ cars once finished, such as this silver and red 1994 Saleen Mustang.

In sunny California, Gregg says it’s much more pleasant to go over the repair process and final bill outside. He says the sun hits the car just right, plus the lights installed all around the facility provide for good lighting at night.

Gregg says customers are pleased to find their vehicles displayed out front for the thousands of cars that pass by daily to see. The shop is next to major restaurants and stores, so it’s crucial for business to keep up appearances.

It’s been such a great branding opportunity, Gregg says, that he regularly posts finished vehicles, “whether it’s a Honda Civic or a Lamborghini Murciélago,” to the shop’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages. He says it’s greatly contributed to the shop having more than 3,600 Facebook likes.

2) With so many cars populating the entrance of the shop, Gregg says it was important to not only set up various security cameras around the facility, but especially at the entrance, where a lot of foot traffic could potentially lead to a scratch on the display car.

3) Part of the shop’s branding comes from shop owner Ellie Adri’s love for the Los Angeles Lakers former all-star point guard Magic Johnson. Gregg says the shop expresses Adri’s love for his favorite basketball player as part of its branding strategy of appealing to Laker fans. One method was the shop’s unique name and a bunny in a top hat as its mascot.

4) The lobby displays the Magic Johnson love as well, where the lobby walls are bathed with purple.

“When customers come in, they ask, ‘Why are the walls purple?’” Gregg says. “Then they realize we’re Lakers fans. Being in Southern California, being only 40 miles away from downtown L.A. where the Lakers play, it’s a real conversation starter here.”

5) In Adri and Gregg’s office, the purple walls pair with the baseboards and gold crown molding, which recreates the Staples Center atmosphere. Framed Lakers jerseys, autographs and memorabilia hang throughout the shop.

6) In the shop is where the true “magic” happens. Gregg says All Magic repairs everything from Hondas to Toyotas to Fords. However, one of All Magic’s biggest sources of income is painting all the Mustangs for Saleen Automotive, which is located down the street from the shop.

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