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2010 Refinish Tools / Equipment

All Seasons E-Z Sand

Urethane Supply Co.

Details This new waterborne surface primer for flexible parts is black, freeze-tolerant and water- and solvent-resistant. It is easy to sand, hides 180-grit sanding scratches in one coat, dries fast and leaves a smooth finish. All single-stage and base/clear automotive topcoat systems can be used with the E-Z Sand.


Phone 800.633.3047

Auto-Prep Pre-Treatment Wipes


Details This is the industry’s first pretreatment wipe. Most pretreaters are available as liquids in metal containers and could include hazardous materials. This product is nonhazardous and can be disposed of normally. The wipes are presaturated with a chrome-free and corrosion-resistant metal solution and are packaged in a canister to maintain moisture.


Phone 877.367.2596

BEAN-e-doo Automotive Molding Adhesive Remover

Franmar Chemical Inc.

Details BEAN-e-doo adhesive remover is made of soybeans. It is completely biodegradable and noncaustic, with no strong odor. It eliminates the need to sand glue and can reduce job hours by more than 75 percent. Used in concentrated form, it works up to three months before needing to be replaced.


Phone 800.538.5069

Booth Wrap Paint Booth Liner Film

Haldon Co.

Details The paint booth liner is a single-layer film that covers the inside of a paint booth and provides an easy solution for removing overspray. A single-layer kit is $175, and will cover a booth once. The liner takes two hours to install. The liner typically lasts 200 paint cycles before changing.


Phone 888.264.3770


Gold Touch Inc.

Details This virtual chrome-finishing product is durable enough to be used on nearly every car part that can be sprayed with solvent-based paints. The application process involves three proprietary coatings using a patented Cosmichrome machine. This product cannot be used on exhaust systems because of heat. Visit the website for details.


Phone 800.940.7874

DT-1 Trimeezer

Morgan Manufacturing

Details The DT-1 Trimeezer cuts down abrasive sanding discs that are used to sand down vehicle frames, which allows the discs to be reused. Reuse is possible up to four times. That can save up to 80 percent of a repairer’s costs. The DT-1 Trimeezer cutter discs resist loading and are easy to adjust. Visit the website for details.


Phone 800.423.4692

E-Z Dabber

E-Z Mix

Details The small dabber is great for tiny touch-ups and chips. This product can be used for removing imperfections such as lint, hair or bugs from a wet paint job. The E-Z Dabber has a lint-free nylon tip that is tapered for precision and can apply as little as 1/8 of a drop. Visit the website for details.


Phone 800.322.5651

Innovative Door-Jack

Innovative Tools & Technologies Inc.

Details This is one of the newest stands from Innovative Tools. Its positioning system features front-to-back and side-to-side tilt lifts. This feature allows single techs to handle bumpers, doors and other parts without damage to the part, or themselves. It is made with heavy-gauge steel construction and carries a three-year limited warranty.


Phone 866.438.4884

Perfect-It Denibbing System


Details The Perfect-It portable, cordless denibbing system is designed to remove dirt nibs more quickly and easily than the traditional process. The system features a micro-sanding technology, with patented tools, polishes and abrasives. Dime-sized mini discs allow users to sand only where needed and reduce the size of the repair area.


Phone 877.666.2277

Rapid Preparation System (RPS)


Details The single-use cups fit directly into spray guns and can be used for mixing, painting, refilling and storage. The cups come in three sizes and have proven gravity flow for easy use. The cups also use less thinner, which reduces waste and hazards to the environment. No adaptors are required.


Phone 800.533.8016



Details This spectrophotometer allows one to scan a paint surface and determine the paint formula needed to color match. BASF release_notesd the third generation of the SmartSCAN with improved technologies and a large database of colors. This software, used with BASF SmartTRAK III and COLOR-MAX, creates an efficient paint management system.


Phone 800.825.3000



Details This spray gun was designed by Pininfarina design firm to give the industry a new and innovative tool. The gun combines atomizing technology with speed and workspace design. This product is available in two versions, one for base coats and one for clear coats. Both are available with 1.33 or 1.4 millimeter nozzle sizes.


Phone 800.440.0282

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