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EYSE: Camera Prevents Distracted, Sleepy Driving

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July 27, 2016—Vairdo Inc. announced that it has released a new product called EYSE, a multi-feature camera that works through a smartphone app to help prevent collisions caused by distracted driving, drunk driving, sleepy driving, and other types of dangerous driving.

EYSE will now be available in beta release with four variations. The small camera is placed on a vehicle's dashboard and uses two sensor to monitor the face, eyes and driving style of the driver to alert the driver if their driving becomes dangerous. Should the driver’s eyes close or veer away from the road due to sleep or other distraction, EYSE alerts the driver with an alarm to get their eyes back on the road.

"Driver safety is one of the most aggravating problems that is taking lives by the millions each year in road accidents. Even if we can cut that down gradually by 10 percent each year to start with, it's worth investing in. I have lost close friends in car accidents, so this technology comes from the heart and needs to be in all cars," said Jayant Ratti, senior robotics and artificial intelligence engineer at Vairdo Inc.

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