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Garmat Aluminum Repair Stations Included in New F-150 Program

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Feb. 6, 2014—Garmat USA’s AlumaSAFE Aluminum Repair Stations have been officially included in Ford Motor Company’s 2015 F-150 Collision Repair Program, Garmat announced on Tuesday.

The  AlumaSAFE 50 aluminum repair station offers basic isolation for the aluminum repair process. The unit comprised of heavy duty weld view curtains, suspended from the ceiling or column supported, and can be upgraded by adding a full ceiling equipped with high efficiency lighting. 

The AlumaSAFE 50 provides the needed isolation for welding or other aluminum repair processes. The  AlumaSAFE 100 and AlumaSAFE 500 expands on the idea of isolation by adding an fan unit allows both of these models to be used for grinding operations as well. 

The AlumaSAFE 100 is a non-pressurized system featuring recirculating cross draft airflow, Fortex spark arrestor panels and features  3-stages of high efficiency filtration including HEPA. The AlumaSAFE 500 expands on the design further by pressurizing the unit and adding a fully lit plenum for an improved working area.

All of the AlumaSAFE models are fully contained and outside ducting is not required for installation.

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