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'Equal Access' release_notesd as resource for repair shops

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Oct. 26, 2011—The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers and the Association of Global Automakers today released a resource guide for the automotive repair community.

The guide – called “Equal Access” – makes available a comprehensive list of how to access all diagnostic and service information, factory scan tools and training information for all car makes and models. It’s going to be distributed to independent auto repairers, legislators and members of the media. It’s also available to everyone at the online resource, which was launched today.

The guide was created to refute false “Right to Repair” proponent claims that factory tools and service information are unavailable. It was also created to ensure independent repairers know where to access resources at prices comparable to what dealers pay.

“All independent repair shops have the same affordable access as dealers to up-to-date repair information and factory tools, as this report documents,” said Dan Gage, spokesman for the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers. “There are many ways to obtain tools and service resources, and automakers provide this information directly to dealers, independent repairers, and vehicle owners as well as to third party tool makers and service information websites for use in their own products. Claims that automakers are purposefully withholding these resources from the aftermarket community just don’t ring true.”

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