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Rhode Island governor signs airbag fraud prevention bill

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September 15, 2010—Rhode Island Gov. Donald Carcieri has signed the Automobile Airbag Fraud Prevention Act that was proposed in February 2010.

The act, similar to the bill proposed in the Pennsylvania state congress in September, would enforce that:
• No system or object can be in place of the airbag or interfere with the airbag;
• Any business installing a salvaged airbag must clearly mark and inform the owner of the vehicle that the airbag is a salvaged airbag;
• Any installation of a salvaged airbag must be disclosed to the owner of the car and the VIN number must be visible.

The bill would also limit selling, offering to sell and purchasing salvaged airbags, and prohibit offering to install any device that would replace or interfere with the airbag.

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