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With the year 2010 now behind us and 2011 just starting, what are three business areas in which you would advise collision repairers to set goals?

I would state four things that collision repairers should focus on in 2011 if they haven’t already: education, equipment, vehicle information, and seeking proper reimbursement for providing these necessary tools in today’s collision repair processes.

Over the past five years or so we have seen vehicle manufacturers certifying collision repair facilities at both car dealerships and independent shops, giving integrity to the repairs performed. As we see slow growth in new car sales, understanding the new vehicle designs and technologies will be increasingly critical to collision repair shops.

The collision repair facility that has properly trained technicians, proper equipment to perform the necessary repairs, and access to vehicle manufacturer repair information will be prepared to grow as demand for collision repair services increases.

Repair facilities that have been working on their lean processes and developing efficiencies at their facility will benefit. The gap between the needs of skilled and unskilled workers in the industry will widen as these variables come to fruition.

Attrition will continue to be a trend over the next couple of years, but those who survive will have done so because they knew what these additional costs were, and were able to offset them by seeking reimbursement for actual work performed.The winners will be those that have invested in their business, know the cost of that investment and are able to achieve maximum return on investment.

Ray Fisher is the president of ASA-Michigan. This article represents his opinion and does not reflect the views of ASA-Michigan. 

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