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2012 Air Systems/Tools

16-Gauge Metal-Cutting TurboShear

Malco Products Inc.

Details The 16-gauge capacity TurboShear is compatible with nearly any shop’s existing air supply and comes completely assembled and ready for use. Applications in automotive grade sheet steel include trunk pans and floorboards. Cutting inserts can be adjusted for best performance within a range of up to 26-gauge steel.


Phone 320.274.8246

Maxline Industrial Compressed Air Piping


Details This compressed air piping system is designed to be fast and easy to install, affordable, leak proof and corrosion resistant. Its multilayer construction can be bent by hand and maintain its shape, it can be mounted on a wall, inside a wall or underground. RapidAir says the product will never build up scale or rust.


Phone 800.954.3310

Nitrogen Advantage


Details Tires filled with nitrogen will last longer, provide increased safety and improve fuel efficiency. The Nitrogen Advantage tire inflation system from Champion installs easily and connects to your existing compressed air supply. It will generate nitrogen in minutes and is designed to be reliable and maintenance free.


Phone 888.436.5499

Optima Air Compressor


Details Mattei calls this line of compressors its best solution for saving energy. It offers high-efficiency, quiet, dependable performance, and low maintenance. It also features energy saving, soft-starting AC inverter drives, electronic controllers, premium efficiency TEFC motors, air-cooled aftercoolers and optional integrated refrigerated air dryers.


Phone 410.521.7020

Performance Air Compressor Package

Saylor-Beall Inc.

Details This is a performance package for Saylor-Beall air compressors ranging in size from 5 to 30 horsepower. The package includes an air-cooled aftercooler, a magnetic starter, low oil control, an automatic tank drain and vibration isolator pads. Dual control enables the compressor to run in start/stop or continuous run modes. 


Phone 800.394.7644

RB Series Fiberglass Spray Booth Arrestor

Air Filtration Co. Inc.

Details Air Filtration Co. says this arrestor is for use where the ultimate in efficiency and low initial resistance are required. The company says the arrestor works harder and lasts longer than any other fiberglass arrestor, and it is available in both pads and roll media.


Phone 800.848.5859

Revolution Filter Media


Details This all-new filter combines the best features of fiberglass and synthetic media with none of the drawbacks, according to Viskon-Aire. It is environmentally friendly, designed to have a long life, and has up to twice the dust holding capacity of traditional filters. Viskon Aire says the product offers an excellent cost-value ratio.


Phone 800.336.3752

Superstar .01 Micron Filter

La-Man Corp.

Details This 50 SCFM filter can remove particles down to .01 microns. It prevents harmful moisture and oil vapors from reaching tools or applications. It features a differential pressure gauge and automatic moisture discharger. The filtration does not rely on desiccant, so harmful desiccant material does not go downstream. 


Phone 800.348.2463

TD3 Thermoregulation Unit

Walcom USA

Details Walcom USA says the TD3 system is the first product on the market that simultaneously heats and thermo regulates compressed air, filters compressed air from water, oil, vapor, humidity and gas impurities, and automatically regenerates silica gel. It can cut drying time 25 to 30 percent for waterborne and 30 to 40 percent for solvent.


Phone 401.293.0200

Ultrapac 2000 Heatless Regenerative Desiccant Dryer


Details This dryer is a complete purification system that includes a pre-filter, dryer, after-filter, control system and automatic condensate drain and silencer. Minimum installation is required, as all components are factory sealed. The compact footprint saves space, and modular component design makes for easier maintenance.


Phone 800.767.4599

Variable Frequency Drive Rotary Screw Air Compressor

Sullivan-Palatek Corp.

Details Sullivan-Palatek Corp. says this is more than a frequency inverter; it is a complete, versatile air system. It has a wide range of power, from 200 volts to 575 volts. It also offers pressure transducer motor speed control from a pressure signal via the company’s T1 microprocessor control.


Phone 800.438.6203

Vacuum Lifter and Tilter

Anver Corp.

Details This line of custom-built, air-powered vacuum lifters and tilters features two independent vacuum systems for added safety in handling a wide range of valuable loads. Anver Corp. says the lifters are ideal for lifting and tilting large pieces, such as a fiberglass truck hood assembly. Designed for convenient, one-person operation.


Phone 800.654.3500


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