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Like in the collision repair industry, succeeding in automotive recycling involves understanding the status of many industry aspects. Facility efficiency, understanding the future of artificial intelligence in insurance estimating, electric vehicle safety, end-of-life utilization of the electric battery, certification and standards, workforce shortages, technology, cyber-securitythese were just some of the buzzwords mentioned during Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA)’s 78th Annual Convention & Expo in November 2021, held in Dallas, Texas. Heading into 2022, the leadership of the ARA is committed to continuing to provide avenues for professional automotive recyclers to gain the knowledge they need to continue providing quality, Recycled Original Equipment (ROE) parts, product guarantees and total customer satisfaction.

For over 75 years, the Automotive Recyclers Association has represented professional automotive recyclers, a vibrant and thriving part of the automotive supply chain. ARA and its members are dedicated to the efficient removal and reutilization of (ROE)-Recycled Original Equipment® parts and the safe recycling of inoperable motor vehicles. Current Association efforts include joining with stakeholders in various aspects of the supply chain and process management.   

One thing is for sure: There are many unknowns currently working themselves out in real time in the vehicle repair market. As they unfold, any professional’s best strategy is to stay ahead of the curve with business best practices, training, certification, information, and collaboration.

Certification Value

In 2022, you will be hearing more about the value of the sourcing recycled parts for your customers from a certified automotive recycler. ARA’s Certified Auto Recycler (CAR) and Gold Seal programs are the industry’s best practices in vehicle dismantling to parts washing, parts grading, product guarantees and customer satisfaction. ARA member facilities know that customers want quality parts and through the ARA certification programs, automotive recyclers can take their businesses to the next level. Association leaders are taking steps to improve consistency within the industry on parts grading, communications, and setting realistic expectations with customers.  

Like collision repair professionals, automotive recyclers are confronted with ever changing engineering of automobiles that come to the facility at the end of their useful life. A significant change in technology underway is the growth of the hybrid and electric vehicle market. Auto recyclers will be challenged to meet the demand of safely managing and processing high voltage vehicles at their facilities. ARA has developed resources to keep auto recyclers and staff safe while managing this new technology. In addition to an electric vehicle training module on the ARA University platform, ARA members have access to an EV Readiness checklist, Hybrid and Electric High Voltage Vehicle Handling and Dismantling Protocol, and stickers designating whether a high voltage battery is intact or has been removed from a vehicle. For more information on the stickers or for a complimentary copy, please contact ARA Executive Director, Sandy Blalock (

ARA invites collision and mechanical repair partners, insurance and estimating software providers, and all stakeholders to take learn more about the ARA and certified automotive recyclers in their area. For a complete list of ARA member, please visit the ARA website at For more information on ARA, please contact any member of the 2021-2022 Executive Committee team:

Marty Hollingshead, President

Northlake Auto Recyclers (Hammond, IN)

Shan Lathem, 1st Vice President

Cocoa Auto Salvage, Inc. (Cocoa, FL)

Nick Daurio, 2nd Vice President

Daurio Auto – Truck, Inc. (Pueblo, CO)

Eric Wilbert, Secretary

Wilbert’s U-Pull It, LLC (Williamson, NY)

Scott Robertson, Jr., Immediate Past President

Robertson’s Auto Salvage, Inc. (Wareham, MA)

All are invited to take advantage of the education and information sharing happening this fall as ARA heads to Orlando, Florida from Sept. 22-24 for “Agents of Change,” the 79th Annual ARA Convention & Expo. Find out more at

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