Take a Look into a Modern Professional Automotive Recycling Facility

June 1, 2022

Walk through three virtual facility tours featuring some of the automotive recycling industry’s most progressive

For over 75 years, the Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA) has represented professional automotive recyclers, a vibrant and thriving part of the automotive supply chain.  ARA and its members are dedicated to the efficient removal and reutilization of (ROE)-Recycled Original Equipment® parts and the safe recycling of inoperable motor vehicles.  

ARA is committed to providing avenues for professional automotive recyclers to gain the knowledge they need to continue providing quality, Recycled Original Equipment (ROE) parts, product guarantees and total customer satisfaction.  ARA is also focused on educating consumers about the vital role that ROE parts play in the marketplace --- and that includes addressing some of the misperceptions that some still have about the modern, progressive automotive recycler.  

ARA has published three virtual facility tours featuring some of the industry’s most progressive operations.  The tours cover all aspects of the automotive recycling business, from inventory acquisition (bidding, grading, inventorying), depollution and dismantling, quality control processes, and more.  Viewers will see how ARA’s Certified Automotive Recycler (CAR) program is a tool that automotive recyclers use to help them ensure compliance, quality and the best possible customer experience.  

Take a look today on the ARA University!


Virtual facility tours filmed on location at the following ARA member facilities:

B&R Auto Wrecking (Corvallis, Oregon)

Wilbert’s U-Pull It (Williamson, New York)

Nordstrom’s Automotive (Garretson, South Dakota)

For more information, please contact ARA Executive Director Sandy Blalock ([email protected]; 571-208-0428) and to find a professional automotive recycler near you, consult the ARA website at www.a-r-a.org.

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