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Snap Shop: Ronald’s Auto Body

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Boutique feel

Located in the heart of the Los Angeles art district, Ronald’s Auto Body desires to fit in with the surrounding community while standing out from a typical body shop. Owner Ronald Marquez wants customers to walk into the shop and think “boutique” before they think “body shop.” He’s even had customers walk in and ask where the body shop is, only to be confused when he answers, “You’re in it.”

The shop is filled with sculptures, photographs and other pieces of art and the lobby floors are white to help brighten up the space. The shop is also known for its bright, lime green exterior. The color makes the shop noticeable from the road and the theme carries into the lobby with green accents. 

“I want the customer to feel like they’re in a different environment,” Marquez says, something that didn’t feel like a body shop. 

“Beverly Hills style” for all

With the shop about four miles south of Beverly Hills, Marquez was careful about creating a style that would welcome in some of his wealthier clientele, while also making the more modest customer comfortable. Opened in 2009 and renovated in 2014, the shop services high-end vehicles like Bentley and Rolls-Royce, but they also have certifications from GM, Nissan, Dodge, and Honda, among others. Those certifications are proudly displayed for customers to see. 

In his words, the boutique look provides a classic “Beverly Hills style,” that satisfies the high-end customer and “pampers” the other customers. 

“We wanted to bring that taste not just to the Beverly Hills clientele but to bring in others that sometimes don’t get that,” he says. 

Making small work

The shop itself is roughly 10,000 square feet, however, the lobby is relatively small. But Marquez sees that as a positive for the shop. With all the shop’s work scheduled out, the “intimate” space allows the staff to connect with customers. 

“We’re not about quantity. It’s all about quality,” he says. 

The staff will make the customer a cappuccino or espresso and the shop’s decor gives the customer plenty to peruse while the staff works on paperwork and getting the customers’ car fixed. 

“A lot of clients are not looking for Caliber, they’re looking for very personal experience,” Marquez says. The size of the lobby forces the shop to deliver on that experience. 

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