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The duty of every collision repair shop is to effectively service each customer’s vehicle by transforming it to pre-accident condition. This important repair process has become increasingly challenging with the ever-changing technology advancements in the global collision repair industry. 

More than 90 percent of vehicles produced in the past one-and-a-half years have at least one ADAS system. As a result, independent collision repair shops are responsible for quickly and accurately calibrating each system on a vehicle to get the keys back in customers’ hands while keeping them safe on the road. The main challenge is that ADAS information is sometimes hard to locate and difficult to access. Enter the asTech solution—adasThink. The new ADAS platform provides repairers the vital data and documentation to effectively and accurately fix vehicles.

Access everything ADAS all in one place 

adasThink serves as an ADAS “resource hub” by allowing any team member at a body shop to upload an estimate and quickly obtain pertinent vehicle information with three easy steps. First, adasThink provides the technician or shop employee with a complete list of each ADAS system equipped in the vehicle. Second, the portal classifies which calibrations or operations need to be performed on the specific data systems. Third, adasThink users are linked to the entire documentation they require to proactively support the collision repair. 

“Thanks to adasThink, repairers can determine what ADAS systems exist in the vehicle, what they need to service, and the exact documentation they require to back it all up,” Nick Dominato, Senior Vice President of asTech says. 

Once the estimate is uploaded into the adasThink platform, 100 percent of the technical data and pertinent information is generated in a matter of seconds. The collision repairer can then scroll through the data and documentation or print out the documents. 

“All of our customers have been blown away with the speed of the results,” Dominato says. 

Locate more ADAS calibrations in every vehicle

While ADAS technology isn’t a new concept in the collision repair industry, some automotive technicians are in the beginning stages of repairing vehicles with these ever-evolving systems. Across the country, a minority of collision shops are constantly on the forefront of calibrating vehicles with ADAS features, but a majority exist somewhere in the middle of the ADAS experience spectrum—possessing moderate resources and minimal experience servicing today’s advanced vehicles. In considering the overall complexity of ADAS technology, adasThink provides an invaluable resource to repairers across the knowledge spectrum. 

“Regardless of where a body shop falls within the spectrum of knowing ADAS, we're going to find a whole lot more calibrations than they would have found by themselves,” Dominato says. “Even for more progressive shops, adasThink acts as a second set of eyes.” 

The information and documentation delivered by adasThink is continually updating along with the quickly progressing technology, thereby providing peace of mind to the technicians repairing even the newest models of vehicles.  

“To keep adasThink current, we have a full-time team dedicated to solely maintaining and updating our database and making sure everything is timely and accurate,” Dominato explains. 

Increase your shop’s overall efficiency 

Efficiency is integral in the world of collision repair, and any process, system, or technology that can ensure a faster cycle time is vital. adasThink provides its users ADAS data in a matter of seconds, while saving repairers precious time by providing documentation and OEM information that is often difficult to access.

“Manufacturers identify these calibration requirements in all sorts of places,” Dominato says. “Approximately 95 percent of the time, there's no central ADAS repository for what needs to be calibrated and at what time frame. As a result, the service information is all over the place.”

To ensure repairers can quickly access all of the information required about specific ADAS calibrations, adasThink has done all the work of compiling the data and documentation on the back-end. 

“All you have to do is upload your estimate and you're going to determine exactly what you need to do next. You also will be able to view the supporting documentation,” Dominato explains. 

For more information, visit adasthink.com and sign up for a free trial.

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