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Body shops often find themselves facing a repair that is ideal for a “speed” clear (especially one that doesn’t sacrifice quality for production). The new TRUE 7000V Clear from Industrial Finishes has been designed to address spot and panel repairs without the need for baking while providing swift air-dry capabilities. It is as close to a “lacquer dry” product as possible while still yielding TRUE 2K polyurethane properties. TRUE 7000V Clear can help shops that need to finish a bottleneck project without sitting all day in a booth.  

Field testing has included several successful applications outside at temperatures as low as 50°  Fahrenheit. The ability of TRUE 7000V Clear to handle various conditions is extraordinary, especially when a spray booth is unavailable or very fast work needs to be done.

TRUE 7000V is ideal for body shops without baking booths that also desire high productivity since it can air-dry quickly and yields top-notch results. The TRUE 7000V Clear is also cost-effective, needing only one activator. Its mix ratio is 4:1.

Some of the most important characteristics of TRUE 7000V Clearcoat are:

  • Can be applied over all high-quality solvent-borne and waterborne basecoats

  • VOC compliant; ready-to-spray VOC 2.0 #/gal.

  • Easy application; 2 coats, no flash necessary

  • Fast dust-free time; 10-15 minutes at 75° F.

  • Can be sanded and buffed in 60-90 minutes at 70° F.

  • Long-term exterior durability of 5-10 years

  • Perfect for parts and small repair areas

  • Use with TRUE 701VQT activator

TRUE Performance Products, including TRUE 7000V Clear, are available exclusively at Industrial Finishes and Systems. For more information, visit or call 800.531.1305.


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