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LOCATION: Burbank, Calif. PRESIDENT: David Nordeen SIZE: 70,000 square feet STAFF: 45 (17 front of shop, 28 back of the shop) AVERAGE MONTHLY CAR COUNT: 120 ANNUAL REVENUE: $12.5 million

1. Ritz-Carlton Vibe

In the Los Angeles area, DC Autocraft sits within two miles of Universal Studios and the Warner Brothers lot. The body shop has had multiple celebrities among its clientele (though it won’t reveal their identities).
It should come as no surprise, then, that the California repair facility recently worked on a 2019 Lamborghini with a sticker price of $620,000.
“The technician working on that car has been Lamborghini certified, and he’s been to Italy and Germany several times,” notes Miro Bilaver, the shop’s general manager. “On the Lamborghini certification program, you’re putting in about $150,000 just with the tooling, and about $25,000 with the training.”

2. Designer Signage

On its exterior, DC Autocraft features sleek signage that Bilaver says was designed by an LA-area architect. It’s branding seemingly fit for a five-star hotel.
“When you’re dealing with this type of customer, you really have to cater to what they’re used to,” says Bilaver, whose employer boasts certifications from several luxury automakers, like Rolls Royce. “So, you have to have the amenities that they would have if they went to a Ritz-Carlton, (because) that’s the type of service that they’re accustomed to.”

3. State-of-the-Art Security

At any given time, DC Autocraft can have a dozen Bentleys residing on its shop floor. And, in order to protect such high-price vehicles, Bilaver and the staff have taken great measures.
The shop—which boasts an average repair order of approximately $10,000—features 23 closed-circuit cameras. It’s also encircled by 12-foot high fencing topped with razor barbed wire.
“There’s not a blind spot in the facility,” says Bilaver, who oversees nearly 70,000 square feet of shop space. “And, we have state-of-the-art fencing as a first barrier.”

4. Tackling Teslas

According to Bilaver, in early 2020 Tesla drastically improved its parts procurement system. But the electric vehicle company nevertheless features a few models that are a challenge to work with.
“The biggest thing with Teslas is the structural repairs,” Bilaver explains. “They’re constantly changing repair methods. With a Tesla … you really have to follow those repair procedures, based on what the newest information is on the repair.”
With all of the high-end vehicles on site, DC Autocraft’s staff focuses on leaving no stone unturned during the repair process.
“We wanna make sure to do pre-codes, that we’re doing post-codes,” Bilaver says, “that we’re doing electronic measurement, even on cars that seem to be minor hits. Better safe than sorry.”


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