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In the United States and Puerto Rico, Dan-Am Company is the exclusive independent distributor for SATA products. Dan-Am also has many of their own items for perfect use with the SATA items, creating a complete system for the collision, custom paint, woodworking, manufacturing and industrial markets.


Rapid Preparation System (RPS) cups save time, paint and cleaning materials
and feature a unique venting system for a constant air and fluid flow rate, easing color match and media spread. Bendable, clean, safe and refillable, the multipurpose cups have revolutionized efficiency in the paint shop by eliminating redundancies such as spills, poor mixing and one-time use utilizations.

SATA RPS Cups are:

  • Refillable - Instantly refillable cups enable swift painting
  • Bendable - Bendable necks ensure ease-of-use for tight spray applications.
  • Modular - RPS cups are designed to connect to all contemporary SATA spray guns.
  • Vented - Patented venting system keeps paint flowing.

XSATAjet® X 5500

The SATAjet® X 5500 uses new nozzle technology enabling each painter to customize sprayout according to their needs. The 5500 features “I” and “O”-type nozzles in both HVLP and RP, and due to a groundbreaking design of the fluid tip and air cap, an air distribution insert is no longer required. The X-nozzles reduce paint waste, spray quietly, and allow painters to grow their skill sets while laying down the cleanest, purest coats imaginable.

The SATAjet X 5500 has:

  • X-nozzle system - Redesigned air cap and fluid nozzle enable a fine-tuned sprayout.
  • "I" and "O"-type nozzles - Variable nozzle types ensure maximum efficiency depending on the job.
  • Custom and promotional models available - Visit to learn more and customize your own RP or HVLP spray gun (SATAjet 5000 B or X 5500) with standard or DIGITAL handles, variable nozzle size, custom background color and up to five custom images. 

5000Air Vision™ 5000

The comprehensive breathing protection system consists of the supplied air respirator, SATA air vision 5000 and a belt unit, and allows for easy attachment of several add-on modules. The SATA air vision 5000 hood protects the respiratory system and the complete head area against solvents and overspray. All elements of the system are NIOSH approved in the U.S. and available at your local SATA distributor.

The Air vision 5000 system consists of:

  • Adjustable air vision 5000 hood - The hood fits every head shape, reduces sound to 64 dB and offers almost 50% more field of vision than the SATA vision 2000.
  • Belt - A no-fuss belt helps secure the entire respiratory system to the body while enabling full freedom of movement.
  • Regulator - The regulator and other air vision 5000 accessories enable each painter to tailor air flow, temperature and humidity according to his or her needs.

bagWeekender Bag

The SATA Weekender is available while supplies last with purchase of a SATAjet X 5500. The bag measures roughly 19.5" x 11.75" x 9.75". 

The Weekender bag features:

  • Removable shoulder strap - It's your weekend. Carry it your way, either in hand or across your torso with the removable shoulder strap.
  • Plenty of storage - All the space you need to store your guns, safety gear, clothes and more.
  • Weathered canvas - Robust canvas design ensures long life under all conditions.


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