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Communicating with customers can often be a frustrating endeavor. 

But, it doesn't need to be, according to shop owner Aaron Glaser. 

Glaser, the owner of MSO Glaser’s Collision Centers in Kentucky, has refined his staff’s process for keeping customers updated during repair work. He recently shared the key elements of that procedure with FenderBender

As told to Kelly Beaton 

Every Tuesday and Thursday we call every customer. And, we call them if there’s a change in status—if there’s a supplement, or a parts delay. A CSR makes the basic update call.

If it’s a status change then the estimator makes it, because they can offer a good, technical explanation to clients, and have a good technical explanation if the customer wants it. If customers are called that consistently, then they should have very clear expectations of when repair work will be completed. 

You almost can't over-communicate. We just put SOPs in place. We've been doing that for several years, and I've had very good luck with it. 

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