ASA Addresseses Wyo. Legislature Regarding Aftermarket Parts

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Feb. 7, 2019—ASA’s Washington, D.C. representative, Robert L. Redding Jr., on Wednesday shared updates about key legislature for the collision repair industry. His live video was shared on Facebook and came one day after a highly-anticipated State of the Union Address from President Donald Trump.

Redding pointed out one bill that showcases how the entire organization needs more members, and members in states like Wyoming, in which Senate Bill 0095 (WY SF0095) was introduced in mid-January.

“Wyoming is not typically first in line on automotive registration,” Redding says. “Look at your automotive or heavy transportation states and you’re likely to see these kinds of things pop up first.”

Senate Bill 0095 is legislation that attempted to define national certification of aftermarket crash parts, Redding says. The legislation has been tried in multiple states over the years, with little success. The bill passed within two weeks by Wyoming’s state senate and now is being considered by the House of Representatives in Wyoming.

Yet, ASA opposes Senate Bill 0095 because, as Redding notes, the issue it raises is the question of “What state agency in Wyoming is equipped to evaluate the certification standards for aftermarket crash parts?”

“Who’s to determine if parts meet OEM standards?” Redding asks.

Redding also questioned how the bill helps protect the consumer, or does this ensure insurance rates will be going down in Wyoming?

“Cheaper and quicker doesn’t issue a safe and quality repair,” Redding says.

In the following weeks, ASA will be conducting a webinar on legislative issues. The webinar will take place on March 20 and will cover more on OEM repair procedures, and some legislation at the federal level, Redding says.


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