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The Importance of Stressing Core Values to Employees

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Bill Park has extensive experience leading collision-repair businesses.

And, whether he was leading a small MSO or working as an executive with a large company like ABRA, Park has noticed one element that typically leads to business success.

According to Park—now the CEO of Axiom Accident and Hail Repair in Colorado—it’s imperative that business leaders stress their core values to employees. Because, once an entire staff embraces those core values, employees tend to require very little direction from their superiors.

“I can give you an example,” says Park, who currently owns three collision repair locations in Colorado. “A core learner is an active learner. So, if your company’s core value is having active learners, then [employees] don’t have to be told, necessarily, in order to be trained. It means you’re actively seeking to improve yourself personally and professionally. And it’s visible.”

At Axiom, for instance, Park recently noticed that a conventional technician spent $2,000 of his own money for a PDR product, and even went through training on his own time. Since then, the technician has implemented his new knowledge into his everyday work at Axiom. The technician even managed to save a doorskin recently by utilizing his PDR tool.

“That’s an active learner,” Park notes. “We call it being humble, hungry and smart. [Basically], you’re good at what you do [and] you’re recognizing the opportunity to lift others around you, and to assist.”

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