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Establishing a Company Culture

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Shannon Mugavin, along with her brother, Shawn Mugavin, have taken over their father's business as he transitions into retirement. The shop, John Mugavin's Auto Body, revolves around honesty, fairness and quality of work. 

Shannon says the shop’s honest reputation started with its roots: her father. During his auto racing career, John Mugavin was known for racing honest and being fair, she says. Now, the reputation is carried out by each member of the shop.

Here’s an example: One customer came into the shop with a tire repair needed on their vehicle. While inspecting the car, the team noticed that all four tires were bald and would eventually need to be replaced. The staff called the customer, explained the situation and offered to refund the customer the money for the one tire repair so it could be used to buy a new set.

The shop based the decision off the fact the customer commuted at least 40 miles round trip to work and back, five days per week.

“It is not good practice to replace just one tire when the others are in such dismay and we truly felt that their safety was being jeopardized if they continued much longer on the existing tires,” she notes. 




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