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Working alongside the best tools in the industry can often come with a hefty price tag. Depending on the strength, durability, and overall practical use, certain products are often left unpurchased due to their expense.

In a foundationally sound effort to help shops purchase practical, essential tools at the right price, Car-O-Liner has created a finance-friendly offering—dubbed “Get Started with Car-O-Liner”—that allows customers to purchase equipment at an affordable price and grow their shop.

“Get Started with Car-O-Liner” provides customers with the option of choosing between three affordable packages that focus on their core products: Package 1: the BenchRack 5500 Package and Vision2 X1 Measuring System; Package 2: the Pointx Measuring System for Estimating and Diagnostics; Package 3: Aluminum Repair System Package.

“‘Get Started with Car-O-Liner’ is mainly three packages that we developed that can help shops get started with us without having to look at Car-O-Liner as unaffordable or out of the reach,” says national sales manager at Car-O-Liner, Tim Garner.”
Frank Ferraro JR, manager of V & F Auto Body in Keyport, N.J., says since bringing Car-O-Liner into his shop in 2007, the business has been positively affected by their products.

“[Car-O-Liner] increases efficiency and production, accuracy of documentation, and it’s

reliable,” Ferraro says. “You’ll make more money—period.”
By purchasing a package, shops are able to to work on vehicles with the right tools from the start.

“We put some starter packages together where any collision repair center could go in and start with an OE-approved platform,” Garner says. “Even though the concept is ‘get started,’ we wanted each package to be able to stand alone and be able to assist with the intended solution.”


Provide an Efficient Repair
Package 1: BenchRackTM 5500 Package and Vision2 X1 Measuring System
Price: $69,942 or $1,356/month

Ensuring safety and accuracy in a repair often means using the right tools that can work on multiple makes and models. In efforts to provide shops with the right products, “Get Started with Car-O-Liner” offers customers the “Package 1: BenchRackTM 5500 Package and Vision2 X1 Measuring System,” which guarantees a safe and efficient repair.

Package 1, or the largest package of the three, focuses on meeting the requirements for customers who walk through the front door on a daily basis, Garner says. With the legendary Car-O-Liner® measuring and OEM-approved BenchRack™ system, shops can provide customers with an efficient repair.

“[Package 1] would allow a shop to properly, safely, and accurately anchor, measure, and perform light to heavy structural repairs if needed,” Garner says. “We selected those components so that the shop would be able to begin repairing vehicles or structural repair to do structural measuring on [a customer’s] vehicle.”


Increase Cycle Time
Package 2: PointX Measuring System for Estimating and Diagnostics
Price: $262/month

Small issues such as struggling to complete estimates measuring can create frustrations for a customer as his or her repair time increases. In order to prepare your shops for more accurate estimates, “Get Started with Car-O-Liner” has supplied the “Package 2: PointX Measuring System for Estimating Diagnostics,” for customers who are measuring at the point of estimating.

Package 2 features the PointX Measuring System, which includes the measuring device, Panasonic ToughBook, Vision2 PointX software and a first-year data subscription. With this product, shops can improve cycle time, increase profits, and reduce supplements with accurate measuring.

“Before the vehicle would even get to an alignment bench rack, the shop could measure that vehicle for underbody damage and upper body damage and have a print out to go along with it,” Garner says.

With the systems, the shop would be able to identify if the vehicle requires frame time and gets paid for it, Garner says. Later, the shop could assign the job to a technician, as well as identify to which repair bay it needs to go.


Meet OE Requirements
Package 3: Aluminum Repair System Package
Price: $608/month

With today’s technologically advanced vehicles, it’s more important than ever to have OEM certifications in order to repair these vehicles with increased aluminum panels correctly. To help customers obtain OEM certifications through specific products, “Get Started with Car-O-Liner” offers the “Package 3: Aluminum Repair System Package,” which prepares shops for proper aluminum repair.

Inside, shops can benefit from the aluminum repair system package, which includes a dent repair station with CR200 short arc welder, wet immersion vacuum and the CMI273 Duo MIG/MAG welder.

“Aluminum repair gives shops the ability to do repair versus replace, increasing labor hours and profitability,” Garner says. “These are things that a typical shop would need to be able to get started with their work.”

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