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BASF: How to Implement a Customer-First Strategy

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August 6, 2018—After sharing the direction of the new role, BASF's new director of refinish sales Troy Neuerburg discussed how a shop owner can implement a customer-first strategy.

Neuerburg said that shop owners need to understand it is not a slogan but a way of doing business. 

"Every part of the business should be focused on the customer and ensuring they have the best possible experience," Neuerburg said.

The first impression can be through marketing or the website and it can go through to how customers are greeted on the phone, he said. Even the cleanliness of the customer's vehicle makes a difference.

Neuerburg said that shops should focus on having the right culture in the shop including the front office and back. The culture should focus on ensuring that everyone in the shop is committed to the customer. 

The staff should be seeking constructive feedback and acting upon it and not be afraid to make mistakes, he said.

"The most important piece of a successful business is learning from mistakes, and that only happens if, sometimes, a mistake is made," he said. 

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