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Unique Features of GFS' REVO Infrared Curing System

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With the recent installation of Tim Beal and Byron Davis's new paint curing system, the PhoenixFenderBender sat down with other companies to get some updates on their robotic paint drying systems.

Here is an inside-look at the REVO Infrared Accelerated Curing System line offered by GFS (for more on the major companies with paint drying systems, look out for FenderBender's July Breakdown), which includes REVO SpeedREVO Spot, REVO Rapid and REVO Handheld:


Some Unique Features

  • The REVO Spot unit is able to automatically adjust to read the temperature.
  • The ability to cure within minutes improves the quality of the paint job. The REVO line can cure two different substrates at the same speed. The paint will not shrink as it dries outside of the shop.
  • Through a training demonstration, Jason Garfoot, senior technical advisor for GFS, says the curing technology was able to dry a car in an hour and five minutes. 
  • The REVO line is already in its third generation. It was sold in Europe for approximately 12 years prior to coming to the U.S.

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